"statistically closer to 1/3 of a horse, but that's just gross to think about."

Hey Amy,

It's hasn't been easy to articulate my appreciation for folks who support my work by purchasing pieces, but since I'm trying a new thing where I share way too much of myself in the order status updates I send out, I thought now might be a great time to tell you just how much your support means to me. 

[It feels only right to tell you that some or all of these words may be sent to people in the future. I hope you'll understand that this isn't intended to dilute my words, but rather that I would prefer spend more time creating the stuff you and I care about and less time writing and re-writing a simple truth.]

So, thank you. 

I don't know how you found my work (although I'd love to find out if you're willing to share) but that doesn't really matter.

All that matters is that you took your (presumably) hard-earned money and spent it on three things I made, and directly supported this dream of a life that I'm living.

Growing up in a one-horse (statistically closer to 1/3 of a horse, but that's just gross to think about) town in rural Indiana, I never dreamed one of my weird ideas would ever actually exist, much less provide for myself and the woman I love (plus our cat Eddie, but his vices are inexpensive).

My life has taken some unexpectedly delightful turns in the past couple of years, and as I look toward an uncertain future, I am eternally grateful when the colloquial (and in this case, literal) you spurs this dream along with your support.

You are amazing, and awesome, and I thank you from the bottom, the top, and all the middle bits of my heart.

Your friend,