this is going to be hard.

My entire life, I've kept my personal life personal. 

Starting now (and technically since last night), I am changing that, and making my personal life public.

Here's why:

1) I've struggled to keep a diary for my entire life.

Writing to myself, FOR myself, always felt self-indulgent.

Not that it's any less self-indulgent to presume anyone wants to know this much about me, but at least it doesn't feel as self-indulgent if others might learn from it.  

2) I'm forgetful.

It's really, REALLY hard for me to remember things, both simple and complex, sometimes even just hours after they happen.

This means I unfortunately lose a lot of memories, ideas, and thoughts.
Recording and writing down is my effort to preserve the best ones.

3) I want real connections.

My relationships with people (save a special few) are limited to polite conversation or jokes. 
I say I'm worried about offending people, but I'm really just afraid of being vulnerable and exposing myself to people.
That last sentence makes it sound like I might enjoy flashing people, so please don't take it out of context.

The point is, I'm just realizing life's way too short to worry about making an ass of my self, or to avoid amazing opportunities out of fear.

4) I want to share things with you.

If you're a fan, you're going to be able to learn about me.

First and foremost, I want you to know about my incredible family, Michele (human) and Eddie (not so human). 

You'll also have the opportunity to learn the origins and secrets behind your favorite piece, watch your ideas come to life in real-time, peek into brainstorming sessions where I work through new piece/project concepts, participate in contests, and much more stuff I can't think of right now.

It might also just be fun to joke around to joke around with each other while I draw, like a virtual studio visit.


If you are an aspiring artist of any age (or just want to be more creative), I can probably help you, too. 

I am grateful to say that I'm making it as an artist (thanks to the amazing support and generosity of my fans), but not without a lot of hiccups along the way.

No, I won't be able to tell you how to become world famous or make a best-selling __________, but I can chronicle my journey and share what I've learned from my successes and many, many mistakes. 

As a sufferer of creative blocks, I can also give tips for how to break them, with a library of reference books, tools, and practices I implement to keep my imagination flowing and the work coming.

Maybe you're not an artist or looking to be more creative.
Maybe you just want to be a fly on the wall, and get a glimpse into another person's life. 
Anyone who treats others respectfully is welcome.

Here's how I'll use social media and this blog going forward,  in order from least to most personal.


1. The Blog

This will be the main hub; a collection of my best ideas, thoughts, pictures, and more, all categorized for your convenience. You'll also find contests and polls here. And great garlic bread.

Not actually the last part but I wanted to make sure you were still paying attention.

2. Facebook (Link)

This will be a space for sharing new pieces and making big announcements.

3. Instagram

A) @realweirdart (Link)

This is my main account, for publishing finished work and making big announcements. 

B) @realweirddoodles (Link)
I host live doodling sessions, where you tell me what to doodle and I doodle it live.
Like a tuna can prankcalling an ex-boyfriend or a carrot and broccoli reading in bed.

4. Live Streaming (Link)

I spend time each morning and throughout the day brainstorming new ideas and working on current projects.
Feel free to chime in with comments and questions at this time.

In the evening, I will broadcast a show.
I'm currently doing live doodle show, but more are coming soon.

Have an idea for a show you'd like me to host?
Let me know in the comment section below!

5. Twitter (@realweirdart):

This will be my stream of consciousness, my life's minutia.

Snapshots of my life, process, random thoughts, quotes, announcements, and the like.

From debating which project to work on next, to technical issues, glimpses into my workflow, down to the latest oils Michele is trying to slather on my face.

You'll also get asked random questions, find out-of-context quotes and moments from home, and endure bad puns that I already know are bad before I hit "send."


If you're confused about this new direction Real. Weird. Art. is going, you're not alone.

I am scared.
And excited. 

Wish me luck.